Diawin’s Effective Treatments for stroke :

As we all know, the Siddha system of medicine embraces millions of herbs that have a great level of medicinal value. Diawin’s stroke foundation includes skilled professionals who’ve got rich knowledge about anti-Vata drugs and their method of consumption that shall yield effective results.

 Anti-vaata drugs such as Vaata Chintamani ras, Ekaanga veera ras, Vaata gajaankush ras, etcare commonly used to treat stroke  condition. Besides, a special regime including snehana (medicated oil application), pinda swedana (fomentation), nasya (nasal drops) and basti (a special type of enema therapy) helps in strengthening the muscle tissue and in return restores the neuromuscular function.

 These therapies expel toxins in different ways. They increase the peripheral blood supply and strengthen the blood supplying arteries.

Why Siddha Maruthuvam for stroke?


Siddha maruthuvam is a holistic healing approach that’s been in practice in India for more than 5000 years. Siddha focuses on holistic wellness that balances the mind, body, and spirit in rhythm and harmony with nature.


 Siddha helps a healthy person to maintain their health, mind, and body whereas a diseased person regains the same. Siddha system express that Our body is made up  of tridoshas (Vata, pitta, Kapha)

  • Vata-air
  • Pitta-fire
  • Kapha-water

A healthy soul is when harmony is achieved in tridosha, the balance of metabolic systemic and excretory function; all five senses in the body and spirit together define a healthy soul.

7 Prakritis are composed of one or more primary elements and every individual falls in any of the below-mentioned categories.


  • vata
  • pitta
  • Kapha
  • vata-pitta
  • pitta-Kapha
  • Kapha-vata
  • vata-pitta-Kapha

What to Expect from Our Program?

Speed up recovery

Our medications are highly effective and yield positive results in a very short period.

Increased mobility and flexibility

At Diawin Siddha foundation, we have exclusive methodologies and therapies to treat muscle dysfunctions and we restore them completely.


No disease leaves a body without weakening the host. We improve the strength of your body and help you evade second strokes.

Enhance mental-health

Besides treating the condition, our procedures are aimed to enhance the mental ability of an individual who can manage their mood swings by themselves.


Our organization aims to evade and prevent other strokes related conditions and thus leaving an individual in a healthy zone.


We have designed a diet chart specifically for the stroke patients depending on their causative agents which shall be accessed upon reaching out to us.

Recovering damaged Brain Tissue :



A brain with broken tissue can be healed through Siddha maruthuvam. Sometimes the healing is speedy and completely cured when the damage is minimal, but the recovery can also take months and years when the damage is more prominent. Recovery sometimes might be partial for stroke drops after-effects like visual paralysis. However, there are effective treatments like therapies in Siddha vaithiyam that shall help in healing them and prevent the second strokes as well. 




Managing Abnormal Sensations

Stroke patients are often reported for abnormal sensations. True! Sometimes all they feel is numbness and other times its merely intolerable pain. Why? Well, the affected portion of the body loses its sensation ability. Usually, it fades away in a couple of months but sometimes they become a prolonged condition that needs to be taken care of. In the Siddha system of medication, Maha vata vidhwansan ras is found to be effective leaving no undesirable effects.

Regaining Muscle Function

When brain stroke happens, the part of muscles and other organs that are controlled by the brain is affected. For instance, when the parts of the left-brain are diagnosed for stroke, the right arm, legs will be paralyzed. At the initial stage, after the stroke is hit, the muscles become relaxed, loses the ability to move.

 Fortunately, muscle function can be recovered through the Siddha system of medicine and the brain will get the power to replace the damaged arteries. Furthermore,  unaffected muscles will learn to do new things and thereby substitute the impaired muscles. This recovery process requires panchakarma therapies and rehabilitation measures. However, nothing will work unless the patient himself or herself actively, persistently and regularly involves in this program.

 There is another important issue one must be aware of. The Unused muscles can turn atrophy; they will lose strength and function eventually. In the process of atrophying, they often scar and become less flexible. The process of atrophy and scarring can only be prevented only upon mobilizing the muscles.

 In Ayurveda, ‘abhyanga chikitsa’ aka massage therapy, works on this principle. Massage therapy gives the patient adequate exercise and helps them get rid of the after-effects of stroke.

Recovery of Mental Abilities

Though there are many scary after-effects of stroke, mental effects are life-threatening conditions. It’s been reckoned that an individual who’s diagnosed with stroke is highly susceptible to mood swings. While this shan’t affect their health, their mental health gets diseased and they will lose the ability to control their mood swings.


Mood changes are actually the result of brain tissue damage and they cannot be controlled by an individual. So, it is important for families and caretakers to recognize this and be kind to them to minimize their pain.


Perhaps, it might be an emotional challenge both for stroke patients and their family members who must find ways to handle frustration, anger, and depression, which are common among people who have had strokes.


Difficulty in speaking after a stroke is common among stroke patients. Stroke patients are constantly monitored and through Siddha maruthuvam, we make sure they’re disease free.

From preventing the stroke to healing its after effects, we cover you.